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Well hello fellow outdoorsmen and women!
Howdy All, new member here. I am primarily an upland hunter. My other Nom de Guerre on hunting forums is Smokey and Perdizgunner. Stay cool.
Are you one of the guys in the video? My son is a sophmore at UW and is always looking for a hunting buddy.
Hi Kidd2 ….. My main deer hunting partner lives in Ridgecrest !! …. Been hunting him for 15 years … Steve kawelmacher ….His nephew too ( Ken Kawelmacher ) You probably know them .Ridgecrest is pretty small. We kill some stuff up here ….. its probably the only reason they come here every year . LOL . Brett
I wanted to see if anybody knows of a cheap travel trailer that is available for this season. Dogonpoint and I have been trying to buy one out of San Diego, and it has turned out to be a mess. In a perfect world would love to get into the trailer draw at Wister next week.