Youth opener


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Saturday didn't work out.

Sunday we knew where to be.

They flew down and took about a half hour to work in. There were about 7 hens with two strutting jakes. The tom came in a bit late, the jakes started fighting him and running him around. After that he came straight to the jake decoy all red. Strutted right to it. The boy drew while he was broadside. He holds for about 20 seconds, thinks he headshot him. I think i saw the neck right below the head cut in half. Flopped a bit ended up at 11 yards.

The rest of the birds moved about 50 yards off.

He was right, hit right at the base of the head. The 125 bullhead did the job.

Figures he's shot a double bearded gobbler. Dad pretty much only shoots jakes.20200322_084343.jpg


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Congrats to your boy, that’s awesome!

now that he has that down .... some large toothed black mammals this fall??
He turned 12, so he is on the mammal train. Unless I can stretch his arms he will be severely limited in yardage. Trying to work on him now to be ready for 30 yards.

We'll see what the youth draw gives him and let him chose the weapon accordingly, but he's hooked on bowhunting turkeys!!