Your favorite handgun


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I like my S&W 357 most because it's fun to shoot. I had a Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag single action, but it made my penis look small so I sold it. :4go43k2_th:


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The one I carry everyday...

Springfield 1911 in .45


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Hey there Younger,there is no such thing as a compact 1911,you either got a 1911 in 45 or you don't.Period .
Sorry my 243 pistol just barked me in the eye,friggen range compensator scopes leave a mark.........................................Upper


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1st. My 1953 Ruger single six .22 cal. Then I would have to go with my Colt Anaconda .44 mag. But I do love my Ruger 480.


Which ever one is in my hand at the time. The next question would be for what use? If I had to really pick one, it would be my 1911, but I love my S&W 29, The Ruger Black Hawk and the Contender too.


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S&W M&P Shield .40 cal. Small and packs a good punch, 7 + 1, an 8" group at 15 yrds out a 3.1'' barrel. cant ask for much better than that.