Your favorite handgun


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If I had to pick one, my favorite handgun would have to be the 1911A1. I have a Springfield Loaded .45ACP in stainless that is by far the most fun handgun in my safe. It may not be the most accurate gun in the world, but there is nothing like a classic 1911. Good, solid, worry free 1911!

Now what's your favorite handgun and why?


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Cant pick one
Favorite Auto Kimber 45 1911
Revolver Ruger super blackhawk 4 5/8 ss bisley conversion .44mag
And the T/C contender

Kyler Hamann

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If I had to pick one right now that I have trouble leaving home without... it's a S&W 629 (.44 Mag.) with a 3" barrel. One of my clients gave it to me as a Christmas gift (you gotta take care of clients like that :smiley-devil: ). It's a Trail Boss model with an unfluted cylinder.

To make it really easy to carry I've modified K frame Hogue round butt grips to put on it's N frame. You can wear it all day for days on end and hardly know it's there but when you need it the accuracy and power are there.

I've done a trigger job (not that S&W's need trigger work but I'm a self confessed trigger snob) and a friend of mine machined the cylinder to take full moon clips. (That is one of the all time BEST modifications I've EVER done to a gun. It's so handy for loading, unloading and quietly carrying extra ammo. Plus you can still single load or use a speed loader. It takes NO features away, it only adds an option. I CAN'T believe S&W doesn't offer it, at least on a limited basis, for anyone other than combat competitors.)

I've messed with 4 different short barreled guns for long term backup carry while hunting and this Trail Boss (despite the GAY name) is head and shoulders above the rest.

For less serious days I have a ton of fun with a S&W model 41... target .22 semiauto. The accuracy is shocking. I'll brave the rain with it later this morning.



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My favorite is a Glock 21--the full sized frame in 45 acp. I run 2000-3000 rounds per year through it with no failures of any kind despite using inexpensive CCI ammo. It's so accurate that folks at the range can't believe it's a stock glock. And face it, have you ever seen someone shooting a glock in 45 auto? A close second is a S&W 686+ revolver because it's so accurate, and many folks new to the shooting sports never learned how to shoot a DA revolver. When I pull it out at the range you would think people were looking at a dinosaur. When they see how it groups, people show instant interest. Merry Christmas! :beer-toast:


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Picking one would be extremly tough , I really like the contenders for the accuarcy and the ease of changing calibers quickly , the Freedom arms for the workmanship and they are also very accurate ( most accurate production revolver imho)


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I'll just stick to my SCATTER GUN!!! When mayhem and civil unrest occurs in the area I will just put my Slug Barrel on and protect my property! :smiley_prayin_ani: After seeing what happened in New Orleans after Katrina I will never be without it in my home...


buck feaver
Well since I only have 1 it has to be my Star 40 cal. I've shot maybe 20 rounds thru it. Tested the HP on a dead calf and was really impressed. Its plenty accurate for its purpose which is point blank down the hallway if you know what I mean.


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My new Taurus 24/7 Pro in 9mm 17rd clips. With lazer night sight....It took all of fifteen minutes to buy and get checked by FBI and walk out with it here in NM!!!


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Sig Sauer P220 in the .45 Most amazing least recoil natural shooting gun i've shot. But since I don't have one... I like my .44 mag Ruger Super Redhawk :D

john james

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right now its gotta be that kel tec pmr 30 or a 327. magnum cause it shoots 4 kinds of bullets. maybe that 9 shot 9mm revolver s&w, raging judge is cool too….


My favorite by far is my Ruger Blackhawk in .357 mag........It's also the only handgun I've ever owned........ :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign: