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Just got off the phone with Wingbone and he and his partner are on the way home with 2 bucks he got a 4x3 and his bud got a big 2x2 in velvet, he told me they took both deer in north end of zone, they hooked up with 2 other guys on Thursday and all 4 got deer I think he said a 3x2 and another 2x2 Wingbone passed on the 2x and smaller 3x Sat. and shot his 4x3 this morning.

Way to go Frank :smiley_rotflmao:


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:smiley-rock-on: great job guys cant wait to see the pic's and hear the story :smiley_prayin_ani:


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Hey guy's and gal's,greg was right thanks for posting up,i will get the story and pictures up asap!