Wyoming Hunt

Based on the previous year's results I should draw for Region K in Wyoming (Evanston area) draw results posting June 20. While I am there, will look at the antelope for next year. Getting excited.... heard nothing but good stories about this zone. Anybody else do good there?
Thanks... coming from you that's good enough for me!!! I checked the draw records Wyoming posted going back to 2014. Two points get you 100% deer draw for Region K. That's basically every other year. I was checking the draws in the 13 antelope zones around Region K and you need 5 and 6 points to guarantee an antelope draw in those zones. I only have two points for antelope. I would like to make Wyoming an annual hunt. One year deer and the next antelope. I will need to find another antelope zone with an easier draw.


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Maybe consider hoping over the state line for elk OTC and you can hunt that every year and be in/around the Evanston area.