Wister Map pdf


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Perhaps one of the mods would be so kind as to make this a sticky?

PDF pulled due to outdated info. Will repost when new map is available...

d sea

That map need to be updated with the changes made to the refuge last season and this off season. I believe Cecilia or one of the other refuge staff members may be working on it.


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d sea,

Good to know, I'll wait for the updated map, pdf it, and repost...

Let me edit the original post so folks are not downloading outdated maps...


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I was at Wister yesterday and it hasn't been done yet. Not sure if it will at all this season. Changes should be made on the big map at the checkstation so you'll have to look there and make your own notes on area map handouts.


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I think Tatical Tatsch and IdRatherBeHunting will be out this weekend. I'll ask them to note changes on the map, and then I'll pdf it up here next week...


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Here's a scanned copy of the Map that I picked up this weekend. The orientation of the pages is 90 degrees off because that's how it scanned in.

Sounds like W12A is dry for the season.
The whiteboards at the check station indicate the conditions of most fields.