Wife killed Oryx bull today


Our family has been lucky enough to draw 8 oryx tags and kill 8 oryx. She killed a small bull and several times we gave him the option to walk, but, he dared her and she killed him. I dont know why she wears jeans with holes in them, but, she dont listen to me about stuff like that. Going back today to get him (killed him late and had to be off the range by 6:30), work in town and then go to an NMSU basketall game with my kids tonight. Cant beat it.


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Way to get it done Kim! Small one? Who cares,she did what most folks just dream of. And she's styling in torn jeans and fancy glasses! The C-family living the dream!!

Hunt Crazy in CA

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that is awsome paul, congrats to you and your family, small one.....looks big too me!.....see if every family in America shared like pauls family....America would be a beautiful place, livin the dream Paul, great job to all of ya!!!

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Very Impressive Kim!!!

Can non-residents hunt them? Is the pink tape how you identified your bull? Does Paul use blue? How many do you guys have mounted? Does your house look like a museum? How does the meat taste? What is the average weight? How far was the shot? Would it be feasible to hunt them with a bow? I have so many more questions........but

Congratulations again. JM


Congrat Kim.................... :smiley_10sign: ............................Your going to need a bigger house soon.................... :lol: