Where to start finding Outfitter?


I am completely new to rifle hunting, I have always been a scattergun bird shooter. But I have purchased a rifle and started in on this new sport. I'm still flabbergasted at all the differing things to learn about ballistics, but it's very interesting.

I have a pig hunt set up, but I want to do a Wyoming/Montana/Col Pronghorn trip next year. I WILL hire a guide service as I know very little about it.

My question:

Where to begin researching outfitters? How do you go about it? I plan on bringing my two sons so I'm gonna lay out some cash and time to do it. I'd rather not end up with some idiot who hired the best web designer.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


What are you looking to do? If it is out of state hunting and you want to do guided hunts, best $ you can spend is a HuntingFool membership. If it is in CA, I think you can get some input on this site. Do you like forks?


paulc said:
What are you looking to do? If it is out of state hunting and you want to do guided hunts, best $ you can spend is a HuntingFool membership. If it is in CA, I think you can get some input on this site. Do you like forks?
I don't have the time or the knowledge to do any scouting on my own, so I am looking to do a Pronghorn hunt with a guide/outfitter, figuring Wyoming is the easiest draw and there's tons of antelope, I hear.

So I started researching on the internet, and everyone has a fancy web site.

What I'm asking is "how do you find a good guide/outfitter for that trip" or "have you used someone good you'd recommend?"

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I second Paul's words. Spend $100 bucks on Hunting Fool magazine and it will be the best hundy you spent! They have a section from hunters who hunted in areas you might be interested in and they can guide you to what they did or who they used. IMO its the best way to go about it....unless you got tons of cash then just call me im no guide but i can get you on a WY goat no problem....but it will cost you some major scratch!

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YES to the recommendations above...

Wyoming would be my #1 pick for antelope.

Here are Success rate averages for WYOGA:

YEAR END STATISTICS: 2012 Total Outfitters: 335​
Species # of Clients Successful
Antelope 2939 2728 93%
Check out where you have enough points to draw, and look for develop a list of outfitters from there.
Get the outfitters references, including an unsuccessful one (Rare with antelope) and call them.

A usual Antelope scenario is:
they pick you up at a motel, spend day driving around glassing.
when you see one you like, get out, short stalk, shoot, retrieve, drop off the carcass at the meat processor
back to the motel for dinner and cocktails.

Private land outfitters mostly offer access and opportunity or trophy quality usually not both. Find out which kind you are talking to.
Public land antelope outfitters might spend the pre season scouting and find where the crowds are going to push the antelope . Usually they operate in limited draw units and focus on trophy bucks. That is the v

I've heard of guys getting driven out to an alfalfa pivot at daylight and told "there they are" and I've heard of others who spent a week picking over bucks covering 200 miles a day.
Best thing is to figure what you want out of a hunt and ask open ended questions to determine if the outfitter is selling what you want to buy.


Is there a reason you want an outfitter for a WY antelope hunt? Unless you worried about shooting a small one, not being able to judge them, not sure why you would need a guide.

Normally you see lots of goats if it is a decent unit.


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+1 on what Paul said. Also, if you want a nice one from a very reputable outfitter I would recommend the private land route, check out Ted Turner's ranch in NM - http://www.vermejoparkranch.com/pronghorn. Why pay all that cash to have a sh*t load of guys hunting on top of you on public? If I am going to pay some outfitter 3k for public you might as well spend another 500 bucks for private 5 star, just saying.


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Hunting WY can be easy, or not. Last year WY cut a lot of tags for certain areas due to the severe winters of the past, so some areas were more difficult to draw due to the cuts. Even the doe tags were cut way back in some areas so there were no leftover tags to buy after the draw. Hope this year they will increase the quotas somewhat to give you a better chance for a tag be it buck or doe.


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I agree about Teds properties massive and no pressure

This outfitter has some great genetics on their NM land they are about 10 miles away from Teds place. They are loaded with lopes and have lots of land to look over to get a good one. Lodge is nice just get a room with a window & request your adult beverage of choice it's included. Expect a 1-2 day hunt