What do you do for a living?


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I am technically an accountant, but I work in the Payroll, tax & HR outsourcing industry. I manage all of the incoming cash to our payroll and tax trust that we use to pay our client's employees' and their payroll taxes each payday. Some people deal with 6 and 7 figures....maybe 8.....I deal in 12!!! It keeps me busy!


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I run a motorcycle dealership in Riverside, CA

We sell Honda, Kawasaki and Polaris - ATV's, Motorcycles (dirt & street) and watercraft


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Ok alright....................

Shipping Logistics Manager for a fire fighting equipment manufacturer................

Have taken over as plant manager over the last year and they better give me one H E double hockey sticks of a bonus at years end to support my hunting habits.............

................. ducks................ I dream of wings cupped and feet down.............. :eek:


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Damn, ESS, I knew you must have another occupation to suppory your porn industry....lol

Electro-mechanical engineer here. Have worked in automated equipment of all sorts for years. Presenty working for a company that makes high speed, computer controlled currency counters. High speed as in 40 notes per second. We have our machines in the Federal Reserve, the Bureau of Engraving and printing, most of the BIG banks and hundreds of casinos.

Keeps me busy and pays the bills. I would still love to find a way to make a living from habitat restoration.


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I own a fence company, but we mainly fabricate wrought iron handrails and stairs. I still do some wood fence's, but only for a few select builders. I can't compete with all the Joses and Juans doing wood fences working out of their trucks, so I try stick to the high end custom iron work and access control systems.

I do stuff like this......

and this...

Here's more of it if you would like.....



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Full time, Architectural Designer for Corporations moving into the high rises in downtown LA........................ work on 10 floors at a time.

Full time, building a Taxidermy business, & treating Taxidermy as an art form that it is.............. treat each individual piece as if I'm going to compete in a Taxidermy competition with it................my passion

Hunting around the world for weird & different species....... got something weird, lets go get it.



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i have been a sheetmetal worker for over 17 years now. i am currently employed by the city of los angeles for almost 5 years now. i install hvac systems in mostly industrial and commercial applications. also do some general sheetmetal work on the outside of the building as well. gutters, metal roofs, copper stuff and whatever needs to be flashed to keep the water out.


I am the president of a mortgage lending company. Been in the business for over 7 years. My background is banking. I graduated with a BA in finance and I am finishing my MBA in management. I enjoy what I do. :biggrin-gift:


While my academic background is in Maya Archeology, I am a commercial insurance broker. I sell liability, property and workers compensation coverages to businesses. I have been in the business for 30 years.



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I am licensed as a Registered Nurse but currently do not work in a hospital or Dr's office. I am a nurse, chef, tutor, taxi driver, counselor, maid, auto repair tech, landscaper, home repair tech, plumber, electrician, small and large appliance tech, vet, child care worker, ummm.... what did I leave out??? Aha.. Domestic Goddess!!!!! :biggrin-gift: :biggrin-gift:


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Production engineering detail and tooling planner for 10 years with General Dynamics and for the last 12 years Hazmat specialist / Safety trainer for Callaway Golf Company.


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I am techincally an accountant also. I work for the California Department of Water Resources helping them manage their $12 Billion in revenue bonds. I also am a seasonal tax preparer for H&R Block. In addition, I sell knives and hunting equipment on eBay. Gotta love this state where one job is not enough. :biggrin-gift:


Transportation Engineering Technician for CalTrans District 8 for the last 5 years. I work in the Central Materials Lab and run certification testing on soils and aggregate samples prior to the construction process.

Before CalTrans I worked for a really good private Civil Engineering Company for 13 years but got burned out.... Stressfull workloads, demanding clients, lots of overtime, and every day stuck behind a computer. Had to move on....

Working for the State is so much less stressful. We work hard when there is work, and then some days....well...it is not so hard! I get out in the field occasionally which is always nice. Lots of holidays, good benefits, decent retirement, and the pay is pretty good too........and it's only 6 miles from home. We work 9 hour days and get every other Friday off which is great for hunting! Hope to retire in about 10-12 years...... :biggrin-gift:


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I am a Mortgage Broker and Real estate Investor/developer.

I will do whatever it takes to keep my current lifestyle or better it Get to see the kids all day, hunt when I want and the commute can not be beat head out the door down the hall take a seat. Gotta love it.


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I work for the goober mint. On the low end of the food chain however don't get any of those $25,000.00 toilet seats.

Wanted to do something to help my fellow man. Since I didn't have the funds to just give money away to some charity that may give 20% to help people and 80% to pay themselves. I started Hunters Helping Hunters, as most of you know HHH, is an all volunteer 501c3 originaztion founded by hunters for hunters and is the first of it's kind.