West Mojave Rabbits/Chukkar Scouting


Nov 30, 2009
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My son and I went out for the opener, and what a difference a year makes. Last year there was huge greenery out there most of the canyons were holding 5-6 cottons and Jacks were everywhere. Yesterday, nothing. All brown. Had to drive closer to the mountains to find greenery then found a few Jackrabbits, maybe one every couple of miles. Finally got out of the truck out of boredom, chased a few jacks, luckily didn't hit any of them :p. They were very wary and none of them looked young, seasoned vets who broke and stayed at 100 yards plus. Did scare up 2 cotton tails throughout the day. Very little Chukkar sign, some tracks no bird sightings at all. Last year saw between 25- 50 each day. Won't be hitting the desert again in this area, not enough water, not enough life. Guess it will be a "hunt the guzzlers" year again this fall. Will see if I can post the pic of the calf skeleton off my phone later, just to get in the habit of using the technology before the fall.