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Dec 19, 2013
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Congratulations Mike! I have a 23 years old daughter and every words on the letter really hit home. :smiley-weeping-yellow: Eye itching... Its must be the darn wind...


Nov 19, 2005
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Just wanted to share my Speech that I did for Emily and Michael on their wedding day

[SIZE=15.3333px]Hi every,[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15.3333px]For those of you that don’t know me I am Emily’s Dad, Michael Dickerson. And she drag me here kicking and screaming as she used to do as a child. I normally don't do public speaking when it comes to my family. as I will more than likely be doing some public crying. And I want you to know right off the top, that I’m ok with it as long as you all are. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]I would like to personally thank everyone of you for coming to witness Emily and Michaels wedding, as we have Family and Friends here from the East coast to the west coast to the Dominican Republic. I would like to also welcome Michael’s Mother Marilyn and Michael’s father Rafael. I know some of you have traveled a great distances and the effort it took and sacrifice you made to share this moment with Emily and Michael, I really appreciate it and it means a lot to them and it also means a lot to me to me. [/SIZE]
To Emily
[SIZE=14.6667px]My beautiful daughter I would like to say, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]I was the man in your life for the past 23 years tell Michael came along and sweep My baby girl off her feet,,,,, and I might add,,,, AS HE SHOULD HAVE. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]I would like for Emily to know that over the last 23 years of Emily’s life she has helped me to be a better father and A better husband. As I knew this day would come. That she would find a man to take my place and I wanted her standard to be high. I want her to Know what love looked like, what it felt like. To make sure she knew what to look for. And with Michael it looks like she has found that man that can love her as much as I do. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]You know in many ways Emily is a lot like me…. She can shot, she can hunt, she can fish, she can clean her own fresh kill, she can fight and all these boy things that I have taught her, I also taught her how to be a my Little lady…[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]However she may needs some refresher courses know and then as she has been in the Navy and has learned to talk like a sailor.... [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]Some things she just inherited from me and some of these thing I am sure Michael had already seen, like she has inherited my temper……(Sorry Michael)….. But back to some of the better qualities Emily has. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]When Emily sets her mind to do something, she will not stop tell she achieves that goal. One Treat that I am very proud of is Her loving heart and if Michael should ever break that loving heart…. I would like to take this moment to remind him of the first two thing I taught Emily as a small child and that was how to fight and how to shot……. I have worked my entire life to put a smile on Emily’s face, because it just makes me so happy to see my baby girl with that amazing smile that she has on here for us today….[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]and Michael that Job of putting a smile on her face is now yours.. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.6667px]Speaking of Michael, My new son-in-law…. You know when I heard through the grapevine that Emily had a boyfriend…… On her ship….., like any father I wanted to get on a airplane and hunt the SOB down…….. but knowing my Daughter would not just date anyone, I know Michael would have to be a purty good guy, because Emily only ever brought one boy home….. EVER and that was back when she was in high school and needless to say he never saw her again after meeting me. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]So for Emily to like Michael enough to put him on a plan and come meet the old man well I know this could be one or 2 things. 1. Michael must really mean a lot to Emily. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]Or 2. it was a mean joke on him and she want to watch me chase him around the yard…….. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]Ok back to the subject, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]So I get the great news that she bring Michael home ….. And i'm thinking O lord help me, if this guy is not good for my baby girl….. And I’ll tell you all this,,, I talk to God all the time. (sometimes I think he’s up there saying to Peter (as he nudges him, says ha Petter WATCH this I’M GOING TO Mess with MIKE AGAIN)......SO…[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]Like I was saying, I had a very deep and lenthy conversation with God and at the end of it I simply said let thay will be done,[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px],,,,,, But Lord…. PLEASE give me patience…….. because he already blest me great strength and that was not something I needed at that point and time.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]Well good news right off the bat I can see the way Emily Looks at Michael and I have only seen that look in her eyes when she was looking at me. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]That's when I know my baby girl found her man.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.6667px]So remember I asked the lord to give me patience right. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]and the next time Emily comes home on deployment she brings Michael along and all Emily wants to do is go to the house boat, so we all sitting there and all of a sudden everyone just Leaves and it’s just me and Michael and he say….. Aaaaaa Mr Dickerson I have had something I have been wanting to ask you for some time now, but I wanted to do it in person…….[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]and I’m Like Lord, On the inside……...I said patience……. And to me that means time……[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]So he ask me and I won't go into much into detail on that, but I was not That hard on him………. I had some requirement that he promised to fulfill…... . [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]Then Michael goes on and tells me he may not be getting reenlisted….. and I’m like ……..[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]GOOD LORD….. are just missing me!!!! Are you and Petter sitting up there having a good LOL.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]I mean One minute he’s asking for her hand in marriage and the next minute he telling me he is no longer going to have a job……. I’m just sitting there thinking. Lord you better have a plan. Because I'm about to lose it. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]But as always in my life he did and the lord will always provide and I honestly know he would. So I only made Michael sweat it out a little, but I told him I would be happy to have him as son-in-law,[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]But Michael as Emily's father it was my job to shower her with love and show her what she was to expect from her future husband please don’t let me down And with that [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]I would just like to welcome you Michael into our family. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.6667px]Now as A Man that has already been down this road that you two are just now beginning to go down for yourselves, there are some things that I have learned, some of these things I have learned the easy way and some I have learned the hard way, but out of all of it, if I had to pick the one most important thing I have learned on this road of life of being your father is this. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]It takes a village to raise a child, when the day comes that you have children.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]The people you surround yourself with will help you mold your child into the person they will become as an adult, choose your village wisely because as much as each person in your life has molded you to become the people you are today, the people that you allow in your kids life's will mold them into the grown up’s that they will become as well. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]The better healthy relationships Michael and Emily have the better relationships your Children will have, lead your family by a good example, I can tell you this a good strong healthy marriage is not easy….. It takes work…. It takes patients…. and it takes a lot of love…. Sometimes it takes for one of you…. to kick the other one in the butt…. as each and every person here today has fallen into a slumps before and it takes a strong spouse to pull the other out of the hole,[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]Be that rock for one another, be that foundation that will never crumble.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]And one more thing Michael some of the best advice I can give……as a husband[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]and I really want you to pay attention to this. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]when you are wrong….. admit it…… [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6667px]when you are write………. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=15.3333px]Michael and Emily we all love you and wish you many of year of happiness and many more blessing. Michael and Emily.[/SIZE]