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Hello folks!

I am new to this forum and it looks like a great place to learn about bushcrafting, survival, hunting and fishing! These are all my hobbys and I hope to find some like-minded people over here to talk with...

See you soon!



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Hi Everyone, I found this site through one of your members...I'm brand new to the forum and land hunting...I have been spearfishing for a few years and wanting to hunt for a little longer but never got around to doing it.
Finally got me a shotgun and my hunter safety class out of the way, now I just need a riffle and to get out there.

I am from Brazil and live in the US since 96, moved from BR with my now wife and have 2 young boys, 2.5 and 6.5 years old.
I am love to surf, teach martial arts and fitness(personal training) for a living (plus whatever else comes up)

I'll be reading some more topics and searching for interesting conversations and look forward to being able to contribute eventually. Meanwhile, can someone tell me where is a good place to hunt turkey? (just kidding!) :smiley-yikes:



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Welcome Marcelo! These guys may come off like pricks some time, but they are pretty cool! Except Arrowslinger, don't trust that guy or his buddy Lurediver!

(just kidding, both are pretty cool).


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bearclaw said:
Welcome Marcelo! These guys may come off like pricks some time, but they are pretty cool! Except Arrowslinger, don't trust that guy or his buddy Lurediver!

(just kidding, both are pretty cool).
Ay ay ay... thanks for the heads up Z.


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Just wanted to say Thank You for allowing me to join. I live in Milford population 72 just 22 miles south of Susanville. We raise Barbados sheep on a small place and hunt and fish at every opportunity. Unfortunately the wife often out fishes me but I have her beat in the hunting department. I am trying to improve the fishing but I think she cheats.


Nice to see you found us, I tell everyone two people you cant out fish and that women and kids......

mine keep me taking care of them so I don't get any time to fish for my self



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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site, but not new to hunting. I live and hunt in northern California, and love hunting big game, upland birds, waterfowl, and small game. I guess I love hunting everything. I hunt public land in D3-5, mostly.

Attached are a few pictures of my harvest from the past couple of years. I seem to have black bears dialed in pretty good. I've pegged their foraging habits, and hunt from stands on their main trails. It's paid off. Not sure if I'll shoot one this year, given the opportunity. We'll see.

I hunt with a rifle and bow, and live for the fall season.

Anyway, "hi" all!



that's how to role in...looking forward to viewing dead mammal pics from you..hell..even the yardbird pics!!!!welcome!


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Hey everyone, i just wanted to re-introduce myself...this is the same Marcelo from a few posts up...i haven't been checking this forum in a while and could not remember how to log in...anyhoo, I figured that Id die it again...

I did go out by myself scouting for deer this season and saw tracks and poop but no deer...I did see a hunter come out of the trail with a decent looking buck. No deer for me but considering that I went in "blind" and by myself, Id consider my trip pretty successful.

Now that deer season is over, I plan of start scouting for bears. I also have a pig tag and want to go try for some rabbits and quail...

I'm located in the San Fernando Valley area, if anyone wants to join up of would not mind letting me tag along on one of your trips that would be awesome...

I plan on being more active in the forums as well...gotta build a rapport with you guys! :)