Venison pastrami


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I used a recipe from "charcuterie" by Michael Ruhlman. I have altered the recipe for what I did vs. his printed recipe,, but don't be a jackass. Curing stuff is easy if you aren't stupid. Be smart, botulism is no joke. I used a cheap scale to weigh all measurements.

I used a few single muscles from the last meat of last years buck. I think the biggest muscle was a sirloin, but not sure.
Approx 5 lbs of game meat in single muscles.

1 gallon distilled water
350 grams kosher salt
225 grams cane sugar
42 grams Prague powder #1
8 grams quality picking spice
90 grams dark brown sugar
5 cloves minced garlic

Boil brine and mix, then let cool and put in fridge to cool. Once cool, place meat into brine for 5 full days with a small plate over meat to submerge, flipping meat daily.

Once 5 days is done, remove meat from brine and discard brine and rinse and dry meat.

Place meat in fridge for 24 hours to dry.


24 grams fresh coriander seeds
30 grams fresh peppercorns
2 tbs liquid smoke

Lightly toast rub and liquid smoke in dry cast iron skillet until fragrant, a few minutes.

Crush rub and apply to meat.

I don't have a smoker so in lieu of smoking and steaming, I used my new sous vide machine.

I vac sealed the meat into two packages and cooked in sous vide a total of 36 hours. 12 hours at 130deg and 24 hours at 150.

When done I placed in freezer to slightly freeze for 2 hours and then used a meat slicer to slice... amazing



My brother just brought me 30 lbs of home made prime rib pastrami, I am ruined for life.


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I did some corned venison last month. Killer.
Going to do some more plus elk meat this week,then some pastrami the next in the smoker.
Curing some antelope meat for jerky in the smoker .

Love my Charcuterie/Ruhlman book and my new Buck,buck,moose by Hank Shaw.

dain v

Damn that looks good. Need to figure out a way to subtly get my girlfriend into making some venison pastrami.


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I used a whole hq last year and made some. It was killer. Great on sandwiches I need to do some more


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Bearclaw this is a great post!!! Sounds amazing. Good for you for taking the time to turn your take into something amazing!


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I have a venison neck roast in the cure now, pulling out Thursday. I am going to try juniper berries on this one in addition to the above. It really is killer.

A good strong mustard and you have an amazing sandwich. Especially if you heat the meat up...