Upland Game Bird Regulations

Doesn't look like they are out yet. Dove is always the 1st of September for 2 weeks and again beginning with the Pheasant opener in November, Chukar and quail are always the 3rd week in October (is SoCal) through the last weekend in January. I think Pheasant opens the 3rd Saturday in November for like 6 weeks, but I'm not sure.

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Doves first 15 days in Sept. then resumes 2nd Sat. in Nov. along with Pheasant

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Okay, thanks for the replies.....Pheasant and second dove opener (and the day to shoot for the multi-species Imperial Valley Slam) is November 8th this year....

Anyone know when the quail open? I think perhaps October 18th?


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:smiley-cool-partys: regardless of the late consummations of the DFG, one thing remains certain, Dove opens each and every year on the 1st of Sept, regardless the day of the week! Plan accordingly!

Multiple species open year in and year out, the 3rd Sat. of Oct. be it quail, chukars, waterfowl and runs to the last Sunday of January of the new year!

Pheasants, in this state opens the second saturday of November, along with the "late dove season" which last for 45 days, however, pheasants lasts one day shorter! 44 days, which just instituted a few years back!

these reg's have been in force, for as long as I know, however, be sure to be aware of anything new!

Such as the ECD reg's for dove, it was controversial for the past few seasons, now, the CA DFG found their way to make them an open species, with "no bag limit"

Other than that, most mammals, upland game, and migratory game, have maintained the exact same regulations born many years ago!


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Also keep in mind that pheasant shoot time begins at 8 AM. Gives some time to get a limit of doves, go to the field you're going to pheasant hunt, and clean your doves waiting for 8 o'clock to roll around.