Uberti revolvers?


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I see that Uberti revolvers are on sale at BPS (.45 and .22). Anyone had one before? Do they function well? Accurate? Stand up to use? I don't know why, but I sure would like to have one, lol.


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I had a .22, worked well. Nothing special about it but no complaints either. Fun gun to plink with for sure.


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I went to a Cowboy Action Shoot last year and most of the shooters were using the Uberti 45 LC Peacemaker Clone.
The fit and finish was close to my Colt 45 LC.



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Have 3 Uberti Model P's....Calibers 38-40, 44-40, and .45 Colt...Shoot both smokeless and black powder loads - and all 3 are very accurate with both types of powders. Would suggest your purchase the Uberti make...You'll enjoy it..
Good Shooting and Be Safe........


They are good revolvers and have pretty good fit and finish on them. Several of my CAS shooters use them and shoot them a lot. Just like a real Colt, they will not stand up to a steady diet of high power loads, but not too many people seem to enjoy shooting a steady diet of those. I like the feel of them and have used them myself, but went to Ruger Vaqueros after wearing out most of the internal parts twice, but at the time, I was shooting about 5000 rounds a year through them at pretty fast speeds. For a fun gun without having to pay the price for a real Colt, they are very good.