Tuna fishing 2020


while long story short it was a great day on the water fishing started off slow, started fishing at 5 am we had 4 fish on the boat in the morning and nothing after that tell the afternoon, sometime after 2 we started catching fish again I got one of the 4 in the morning and then another bigger one sometime after 5, the trip was a good time took me to long to figure out that the fish were line shy, they only wanted 20 or below and with fish 30 to 40 pounds and even one saying 30 at the lightest and should be 40 I went with 30lb test, did not bet the next one tell I dropped to 20lb. but anyway I got two at lest good size ones so here they are.



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Just got home from trip on the Fortune out of fishermans landing. Very few tuna for the trip, only nine mixed total for 16 guys and gals. I only manage two yellow tail, one 15lbs. and the other 22. My friend ended up with the same. The tuna are there but every time we got within striking distance they headed for the bottom. That probably happen a dozen times or more. We got all the yellow tail off kelp paddies. Right after they started clean the fish, we came up large, large school of tuna boiling away and sure enough, they did not dive and were right next to the boat but, with the fish spread out on the deck and the cleaning platform setup there was no way to do anything about it, F^&K , so we just had to watch them swim by.