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I know this should probably go in the Optics section......but for backpacking hunts, what tripod do you guys use? Looking for a cheap one (-$100) under 3lbs.


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Great question. Mine is holding on by a thread. Im useing and old camera tripod. real cheap and not steady so i will be watch this thread....


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SLKI sprint pro as well, great tripod. I have the 3 way head and though it isn't smooth as butter, works great for me. I had looked at other heads but they are much heavier and expensive.

I busted a few of the catches after 6 years in Alaska las year but "borrowed" my old man's that he bought for that hunt. The newer ones have padded legs to help make them quieter.

Light and pretty solid. As long as you don't try to fully extend it and use in the wind with a 60x spotter you will appreciate this tripod.

I keep a quick disconnect connected to my binos and my spotter at all times so I can swap tween the two fast.


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I think Bog Pods have interchangeable heads

You are correct, I have one and recommend it. When I bought it I wasn't planning on using it for a spotting scope but now I use it for both spotting & shooting. IMO, it's the best shooting tripod out there - just wish it was a little cheaper. I am sure there are a lot better tripods just for optics for for dual use it can't be beat.
I have one but never got the interchangeable head. IIRC, the tripod itself was right around $100. For another $50, its probably worth it. Of course that leads to buying a pair of 15x binos, so I guess the true cost is pretty high.


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Thanks guys. Just ordered the Slik Tripod Sprint Pro II with the 3-way pan head. $95 on Amazon. :beer-toast:


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Thanks guys. :beer-toast: The tripod came in the mail today. It's exactly what I wanted. Superlight, made of metal, well built and strong. Couldnt be happier. :beer-toast: