Triple B


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I am putting this here because I think it has a lot to do with our gun rights. I just opened an Email from the club and, it appears, after more than twenty years they have lost their lease. I have no doubt this is due to the mounting preasure from the anti gun/hunting crowd here in the peoples republic of Ca. How very sad. We always enjoyed a day shooting a round of sporting claysand then going to the food court, enjoying a burger and watching the skeet shooters. One more win for the anti's.
Hope someone picks up the lease and keeps it open !!

Learn't to shoota boom stick there with my Dad back in 1970 at the age of nine; back then it was International Trap & Skeet (ITS).

My Union has a monthly shoot there; 2 rounds of Trap, 2 Rounds of Skeet for High score. To me Triple B's is really run down; back in its day when it was ITS, or Pachmayr when all the houses were redone. It was a lot nicer !!