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I received a call from Lai at Dept of Fish and Wildlife saying that someone refused their tag. They contacted all of the alternates to fill the position and they all turned down the opportunity. The department had to draw more names as alternates to fill the tag. Obviously, my name was the first name selected. The phone call lasted long enough for me to pull out my card and purchase the tag over the phone. I had two weeks to prepare for the hunt.

I made the day long drive on Thursday (last week) so I could scout the day before the opener. With so little of time in the field, I could only hope the critters were coming to the water hole I selected to put my ground blind for the opener. The night before the season -it rained buckets of water. Nothing came to the stand for the day and a half while I sat there. 15% of the hunt was over and I hadn't even seen a speed goat.

I climbed out of the vinyl cave and did a three mile loop. I finally found 6 antelope. They were still a mile further out in the prairie which was a mile from my blind which is a half mile from my truck. That put them 2 1/2 from my truck in the middle of nowhere. That solved everything. I returned to my blind, broke it down, loaded my truck and drove to another spot.

An hour before dark I found a great buck leaving another water hole. I returned after dark, raised my portable home and tied it to the tree by his drinking pond. I parked a half mile away and set my alarm for 4:30 am. That would allow time to walk to the blind in the dark. Of coarse, it started raining again at 4 am. At 6:30 am (All depressed) I drove down the road to see if I could locate anything moving. Yep I did. There were 6 cowboys doing a cattle drive. They drove their herd right to my blind. After the stock was water logged, they continued through the rest of the country. I demolished my blind and threw it in the back of my truck.

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I'm having problems with my computer....

I continued my hunt on the Alturas Ranch where the cattle drives were outlawed and the antelope roamed freely. Most of the goats on the property would score around 60-62 inches.

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One of the better bucks I figured would score around 64 inches. The cool thing was the beauty points it had growing on his horns

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I found one with great mass, good prongs and decent length. He wasn't the new state record but he was the best the ranch had to offer. I chased him till it got dark and vowed I would get him the next day.

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I managed to get a 42 yard shot at the biggest one the next day and ricocheted the muzzy off his horn. That dude grabbed all of his harem and didn't stop till they were somewhere in Oregon!!!

It was time to look for the buck with the extra junk. He was at the other end of the ranch with all of his lookouts. I managed to stalk to 60 yards before he walked down into a ditch. I hurried to the edge of the ditch without him noticing. He stepped out the other side and started feeding at 34 yards. I surprisingly held my composure and placed the muzzy through both of his lungs. He did a 200 yard figure 8 in the field .It was amazing how fast he ran, made the turns so tight, with his shoulders barely off the ground and flipped backwards to end his performance. I gave him an 8.3 because the gainer at the end was a little sloppy.

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Atta boy Jerry!! The important part is the truck prolly was not to far...and the pics before the kill are spot on..always get pics before you release the shaft..nice work dude!

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Thanks everybody. I have been trying to get an antelope tag for 21 years. That is the last animal I need to complete my Whitney-Hill Quest. I put way too much pressure on myself. I can't believe how nervous I was whenever I got close for a shot. It was like I have never taken an animal with a bow and arrow.

I did 2088 miles of driving, spent money that was supposed to go towards retirement and pulled my hair out for the first two and a half days. I had to finish by Tuesday because my brother was arriving at Ontario Airport on Wednesday night to go on a planned deer hunt.

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I put a fast tape on the horns today and come up with 68 inches. The Pope and Young minimum is 67 inches. That would just be icing on the cake to have him qualify for P&Y. Any way you slice it, I am totally blessed with this amazing gift!!!


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Two weeks isn't much time to prep for a hunt. I had 4 1/2 weeks to prep for mine. The pressure makes success that much sweeter. Outstanding job.


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Boom! Atta baby Jerry had the same thing happen in 2012, great to be a 'alternate' at times...Way to make it work!