Tons of birds showed up this week in Niland, CA


I must have seen 20K birds yesterday trafficking between our club and 2 others. Did not take a shot thinking we would get them closer but if we were at Wister I'm sure there would have been blasting going on. Pintail, mallard, BWT, GWT, CIN, Bootlip, Widgeon, Gadwall and did I mention the 3K snows that we were not in position for at 40 yards off the deck?

It's game on!

It's still flooded in many places in the area. More rain on Wednesday, looking good.


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seeing more honker's in the IE sunday a high flight and monday morning made my drive enjoyable east bound 60


I was at Wister Saturday. There was practically nothing in the air and little shooting. It was horrible. The birds must have stayed on the sea or kept going south.


Gundoglover, being a duck hunter is great in Southern Commiefornia. Here are the highlights ...

You have an almost non existent chance of getting a Kern reservation.
You have a little better chance at San Jacinto. But, if you get on, you are surrounded by idiots that skybust and shoot early.
You can sweatline SJ with 50-75 other desperate people at 3:00am. I would rather set myself on fire.
You have a decent chance at a Wister draw or sweatline. However, Wister is dying and sucks more and more each year.
Our effective season is December. October and November usually sucks. January fades quickly.

What is not to like?

I forgot. You get to pay the CA DFG for lottery / draw, day passes, CA duck stamp, Federal duck stamp, and of course hunting license.