Tim Wells Whacks one Right Between The Eyes!


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Yeah.. I saw that one like two vids after this one! I was like OMG that is soo Risky! A miss on that one and that Brown Bear could have totally rushed him.


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Guy is a little squirrelly but an incredible shot. Watching him shoot ducks & dove out of the air is unbelievable. I met him about 10 years ago at a gas station in Nebraska and he was a really good guy. One of the Creeps, who was 6 or 7 at the time, recognized him (he always watched his show) and walked right over to him, "Hey, you're Tim Wells!" He talked to us for about 20 minutes, gave my son a poster & autographed it for him, just a really nice man. My son told him, "You're such a great shot. Just think how much better you'd be if you ditched that Mathews and got a Hoyt!"


Ok.....I have a question about Tim's show.....Is he being punched or is he doing the punching?.....Never have been able to tell.


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He does comedy, Crotchety Guide dosent like him but likes his wife. Tim takes a punch.

Man he can shoot a bow, spear, blow gun, ect.


I start watching one and 2 hrs later I'm like, what time is it... how it the heck am I supposed to get any work done....


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Guy is one heck of a shot definitely not afraid to let it fly. I missed the one where he got cut in the femur anyone see that one how it happen


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Yep, spear hunting, climbs out of his stand to do something and his spear falls out of the stand hitting him in the inner thigh. Pressure kept him from bleeding out.