This Weeks Handgun - Ruger GP-100


GP100 Medium Frame Revolvers:

Ruger GP100 double action revolvers offer an wide assortment of sophisticated design features that make many traditional revolvers obsolete.

Strength, simplicity, and ease of maintenance are hallmarks of their design.
The cylinder is triple-locked -- at the rear by a strong alignment pin, at the front of the crane by a locking bar that engages a matching slot in the frame, and also at the bottom of the cylinder.
Frame widths are increased in critical areas that support the barrel; both sidewalls are solid, integral sections of the frame, with no removable side-plates to compromise the frames strength.
Because these revolvers consist of a group of integrated sub-assemblies, takedown is quick and simple, requiring no special tools.
The GP100 grip frame houses the mainspring seat and trigger guard latch and post onto which standard or custom grips in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials can be fitted.

GP100 revolvers are available in blued or stainless steel, fixed or adjustable sights, and full or short barrel shrouds in lengths from 3" to 6". All models have rubber grips with rosewood inserts. Caliber choices include .38 Special and .357 Magnum, which also accepts .38 Special cartridges.



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I have this gun and it has never let me down DK! :biggrin-gift: I was just talking to Tinner about it.
You can't go wrong for the money.

Little off topic..

This is weird. I have 3 out of the 4 guns you have done reviews on. Whats really weird is that I only have 5 hand guns!

I am thinking of getting a Kimber .40 but don't know too much about the gun (hint, hint). J/K.

I really look forward to the hand gun of the week! Thanks Bishop. :smiley-2drunks-singing: