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Ruger .22 Standard Model

Ruger .22 rimfire autoloading pistols have a legendary reputation for reliability and performance that extends back over 55 years. In 1946, three years before the founding of Sturm, Ruger, William B. Ruger applied for a patent on a new .22 pistol design. It was elegantly simple and featured an internal cylindrical bolt rather than the traditional slide construction. Its smoothly contoured and comfortably angled grip frame was fabricated from sturdy steel components. The barrel and receiver served as a solid, one-piece base for the sights, ensuring permanent alignment and a higher accuracy potential than conventional designs.
In 1949, the Ruger .22 Standard Model pistol launched what would eventually become America's largest firearms manufacturer. Thanks to a glowing article in "The American Rifleman" written by General Julian Hatcher, the former Head of Army Ordnance, customers flocked to buy Sturm, Ruger's only product by the thousands. In the Ruger .22 Standard Model, America's shooters found a .22 pistol that delivered outstanding performance and value.
The Ruger .22 pistol has more than proven itself since its introduction over a half century ago. Its original name, the Ruger Standard Model, has been prophetic; today it is the standard by which all others must be judged. With over 3 million sold, Ruger autoloading rimfire pistols are arguably America's favorite pistols.
In 2004, Sturm, Ruger introduced the new Ruger Mark III and 22/45 Mark III pistols, with innovative features worthy of their legendary heritage. Sturm, Ruger offers shooters a range of Mark III choices, including Standard or Target models; blued alloy steel, stainless steel or polymer frames; fixed or adjustable sights and a wide selection of barrel lengths and configurations. All Mark III pistols, regardless of the model chosen, are direct descendants of Bill Ruger's first .22 caliber pistol.
22/45 Mark III Pistols:
In 1992, Sturm, Ruger introduced the original Ruger 22/45 pistol, which featured a fiberglass-reinforced polymer grip frame that virtually replicated the look and feel of the popular 1911 Model .45 ACP pistol. Its familiar grip shape and angle, pushbutton magazine latch and the location of its manual safety and external bolt release made this new pistol the perfect understudy to the classic 1911 pistol. The 22/45 quickly became the first choice among shooters who wanted extensive target practice without the expense of centerfire ammunition.
In 2004, Sturm, Ruger proudly introduced the next generation 22/45 pistol the new Ruger 22/45 Mark III. The 22/45 Mark III features a completely restyled polymer grip frame with a serrated front strap and checkered grip areas and back strap for a great appearance and a comfortable, non-slip hold. The new 22/45 Mark III also incorporates the very first visible loaded chamber indicator for a .22 rimfire pistol. Tapered bolt ears, a contoured ejection port, and an unobtrusive internal lock add to the many new features of the Ruger 22/45 Mark III, making it the most advanced product of its kind.
Ruger 22/45 Mark III pistols are available in your choice of blued alloy steel or stainless steel, fixed or adjustable sights, and 4", 4 1/2" or 5 1/2" barrel lengths. All 22/45 Mark III pistols include two magazines, a gun lock and a high-impact case. Adjustable sight 22/45 Mark III models also come with a Weaver-style scope base adapter to mount your favorite optics.
Mark III Pistols:
In 2004, Sturm, Ruger introduced the innovative new Ruger Mark III family of pistols. Mark III pistols offer a host of important new features. The magazine release button on Mark III pistols is relocated to a more convenient position on the left side of the grip, behind the trigger guard. The ejection port on Mark III's is recontoured, and the bolt head is tapered for improved appearance. All Mark III Target pistols feature new adjustable sights and are drilled and tapped to accept a Weaver-style scope base adapter, included at no extra cost, to mount today's advanced optics. Mark III pistols also feature a visible loaded chamber indicator, unobtrusive internal lock and magazine disconnect.
Mark III pistols are available in your choice of fixed or adjustable sights and standard barrel or bull barrel configurations. Barrel lengths include 4 3/4", 5 1/2", 6", and 6 7/8". The new Mark III Hunter is the first Ruger pistol to feature a fluted bull barrel and has uniquely checkered Cocobolo grips and a fiber optic front sight with interchangeable inserts. Ruger Mark III Target Models are a top choice for target competition.
All .22 caliber rimfire pistols have a manual safety that positively locks the sear and come with a high-impact case, gun lock, and two ten-round magazines.




I have the 5 1/2 " bull barrel KMK512 stainless semi auto pistol in .22 . Had it about 10 years .... The first time I completely stripped it down for a deep cleaning I had a heck of a time getting it back together. It is tricky if you have never done it before!...

I also have a 6" full underlug GP100 stainless "wheel gun" (revolver) in .357 mag. Had it about 15 years now. Very accurate, but the stock trigger pull is a bit heavy in double action......

I also bought a 10/22 stainless semi auto rifle with a gray/black/green laminated stock from Wallmart about 12 years ago. It came with scope rings, sling swivels, and a sling. Never seen anyone else with one.....kind of unique.

Ruger makes a quality product....I am enjoying your write ups. Keep em coming.........



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When I was shopping for a plucker I looked at that one hard. I ended up getting the Browning Buckmark because it felt better. My buddy bought the Ruger and loves it. Fun, fun gun!!!!


The Rugers are only difficult to re-assemble the first time. There is also a modification part/kit that is supposed to make it very simple. Both pistols, Ruger and Browning, are nice guns....and cheap to shoot. I think there are more accessories available for the Ruger if you are into that.........


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I have the 50th Aniversary Edition- had to have it and I LOVE it !!

Grew up shooting my dads- like father like son is how the saying goes I guess. But I Loved shooting that gun back then and I LOVE to shoot it now !! :smiley_10sign:

It feel strips in 3 seconds- easy as pie and easy to clean. Like most it took me 45 minuets of re-reading the manual to get it back togther. I can do it with general ease now. The trick is to hold it vertical so the firing pin falls back and depress the trigger the same time as you fold the spring bar back in at the same time. (( Or was is "Point it down" I forgets....:smiley-clappin-yellow: :smiley_doh_ani: ))

It is the most accurate of all my .22 pistols also with fixed sights even. I would like to have a bull barrel with adj. sights someday- but the weight is not realistic for packing all day.

Awaking story- Luke and I spent the day out on the delta fishing and exploring (we did that alot when I had my smaller boat.) and we always capped off the day by shooting cans or pieces of wood on a steep sandbank on the Sac River. Well I was looking down range as I was standing over his shoulder and did not see that he moved his arms in closer to see the rear sight larger. Thank God for safety glasses !!- The action "Gouged" the glasses out and put a nice shiner on the bridge of his nose. :smiley-laugh-point-up-yellow: My fault for not paying closer atention to what he was doing. But he also will remember this gun forever till it is his.

Loving these Featured guns Bishop !! Thanks !!! :beer-toast: