This Weeks Handgun - Buckmark


Here's this weeks handgun profile. Please feel free to add your comments or questions.


Browning Buck Mark rimfire pistols are tops when it comes to quality, reliability, accuracy and variety. The receivers are made from a solid piece of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, which is CNC machined to exacting tolerances.
They have a excellent single-action trigger, a hand reamed chamber, and a target crowned barrel. They are also equiped with finely adjustable target sights.
Straight blowback design, semi-auto.
Most models have heavy bull barrels. The Challenger model has a tapered barrel. There is also a Lite model that has a steel liner inside an aluminum sleeve. All chambers are hand-reamed and muzzle crowns are recessed to protect them from damage that could degrade accuracy.
Large, manual thumb safety. Trigger is also disconnected when the magazine is removed.
Magazine Release
Positioned adjacent to the trigger guard for more convenient operation.
10-round capacity.
Is light, with a crisp break, with minimul creep and overtravel.
Rear Sight
16-click per revolution adjustable Pro-TargetT sight is standard on all models. This sight provides a finer range of adjustment over the industry's standard of 12 clicks per revolution.
Several wood, laminate and composite styles are standard
Unlike many popular 22 pistols that are cast or fabricated from sheet metal stampings, each Buck Mark frame is CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum to exacting tolerances.




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I almost bought one- They sure hold nice in your hand- but I ended up gettting the Aniversary model Ruger MKII instead. I love it very much- but it takes alot of learning and luck to reasemble it when you strip it down for cleaning.

I LOVE .22's Great fun and everyone can shoot them. :smiley_rotflmao:


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A Buckmark was probably the first gun I shot. I still haven't added one to the stable yet, maybe that's what I'll ask for my birthday.