The Wyoming Incident....


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Mar 15, 2009
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Every few years I get the bug to grab the rifle for a hunt or two, and this year I had a couple good hunts lined up.

I have a couple good buddies that live in some incredible country in Wyoming, and I try to get together with them every few years and go hang out and hunt. This trip was off the hook for sure. I got there last Thursday, and while they had to finish up working, I gathered my junk and hit the hills. With only a couple hours, I was only able to get back in a few miles, but I was able to glass up a pretty good buck. I got back out to my little race car (rental) well after dark and got back to the house to meet up with my buds. We made a good plan for the morning and had boots on the ground 2 hours before the sun came up. We were poking along and glassing our tails off when Mike spotted a good buck about a mile down the drainage. We boogied down hill and with a good stalk plan and were closing in. I was in the lead when all of a sudden my sling swivel popped out and my rifle dropped to the ground and went bouncing down the rocks! Crap!! We're 300 yds. away from where we think I'm shooting from. Talk about bad timing! I looked everything over real good and all seemed fine. We carried on and got to the spot where we were going to pop up on the ridge. I was in the lead and popped over and saw the bucks all down below me. I threw the rifle up on the monopod and made a good shot on my buck, and he ran for a few and tumbled down over a little rise. The guys thought it was a good shot, but we still waited about 20 minutes or so to go down and see him. When we went down to see him, he popped his head up and I had to hit him again at close range, and it was done. He's a dang nice buck for sure! We were about 4 miles in and it was a tough packout! So grateful to have a couple good buddies to share the load out!

We spent the next few days hunkered down in 60 mph winds, blowing snow and 20 degree weather. We got to hunt the last day I was there, but couldn't come up with another good buck. The boys there can hunt on their tags until the end of November, so they're a little picky on what they pull the trigger on! What a great hunt with great friends!!

Til' next time!!


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Dec 24, 2009
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Nice looking buck and nothing wrong with coming to the dark side sometimes! Looks like you could glass for miles in that country.