THE 150


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Oct 27, 2015
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My wife and i hit the 150 today in our 17 Bayrunner Baja. On the way out we stopped near some light boats that had a decent squid float the night before, talked to one of the captains. We hoped to get on some sandy's, a butt or a ghost, had some good marks but no takers, off to the 150. Things were looking good for a few. Wife's first drop in 320 feet she went bendo on a double on good chuckleheads. Then I got a decent one. It started to slow down. We moved around here and there in that zone, picked at a few more chucks, a dab or 3, and some starry eye.
She loves her some sand dabs and who doesn't so off to her fav dab spot near the rigs. We added another 10 SD then did a quick fish cleaning and ran to the barn.
We fished shrimp fly's with squid tips and only 10oz of lead. The water was nice all day and 57 degrees.
Had a great day on the water with lil hot stuff and we will eat good this week.