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There are several guys who have decided TOF went tits , and have given up trying the site. You were down around four days. This seems to be the normal lately. What's up with that?


THE FUCKING HOST went MIA on me. Scott notified me that it was down. I've had my head down working and not paying attention to forums. Next time please email me ASAP. [email protected]

I plan on moving the site to a host that I can get to. They have this server on lockdown and they are expensive!

Hi Jason Hayashi,
We would like to apologize for the inconvenience of 4 days downtime. The server database was crashed due to space over-use. We have fixed the issue by allocating more space now. Your rate has been increased to $600/mo.

Existing Space: 100GB
New Space: 200GB

The instance by itself is working great and everything else is healthy now.



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Wow that’s a insane amount to pay per month for shitty service I appreciate everyone that does their best at keeping this place a float hopefully it recovers


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Stick a fork in it, it's done

Hasn't been the same for a long time......Scott killing an elk & turkey did it in for me on the BS meter long ago.....
I hope you are not referring to me. I have made no such claims. In fact I have made a point of not posting hunt stories on this site. Not worth the blowback. I have my dogs and we hunt birds.


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Of course we do, as we do many others who have migrated to the other outdoor forum. I visit both, I like spreading my wealth.