Stealing our Public lands...

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2014 will be the year!
I have listened to a couple Podcast on the issue .... Very concerning when you take the state land sales history into account. I for one would much rather the Feds stay in control.... They might not do everything right... But at least they aren't selling them off!!

Randy Newburg has a great YouTube series on the public land transfer issue.


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Randy is a good source for the politics of hunting.

Rinella's' podcasts are great for conservation and ethics. And a well thought out take on why we hunt.

Jay Scott is pretty good for covering Arizona or Sonora MX.


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Randy Newberg is a great voice for hunters,public lands issues and common sense Conservation.
I met him last year when he came down for a Antelope hunt locally and we had some great discussions and laughs.
Consider him a friend now and we converse from time to time on a variety of land use issues.
He sent me his On You Own series cd's,which are now available on YT FREE for viewing. I had not been on YT or FB and he showed me some cool things like Rinella and ME .

He drew an elk tag again this year here. Will go eat pie or something again with him if I'm around .His cameraman will most likely pass on the green chili


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Kinda puts you in a conundrum come November, eh....

I'm with Hatchet, I hate public land.


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Key word. IF. LOL
I'll be on a deer hunt in Nov., & elk in Oct. public land.
I think he drew late bow,Sept.


Comedian in training, at least on the internet
Sorry, I should have addressed that to the OP and the subject matter.

TV hosts and their shows, that's another topic...