St. Paul Island Alaska

glass eye

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Lost 4 days in Anchorage trying to get to St. Paul Island. Day 1 we were over the island when we turned back to Anchorage because the runway was icy. On a refueling stop in Dillingham we all had to get off the plane because a passenger was drinking his own beer on the plane. He was arrested but the process took hours.
Day 2 there was no flight scheduled.
Day 3 we left Anchorage and landed in Dillingham to refuel but they discovered a hydraulic leak and again we had to de-plane and wait for hours for another flight to be re-routed to pick us up and take us back to Anchorage. Upon arrival in Anchorage we discovered that nobodies baggage made the flight back.
Day 4 we depart Anchorage again and finally make it to the island just in time for a big storm to arrive.