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Sportmen's Catering Service was established in 1965 by my Grandfather, Max Berg. After 42 years of owning & running the business it got to be too much for him to handle in his older years. He then sold it to long time Niland residents, Frank & Marilyn Bailey. Marilyn worked during the days for Max prior to owning the business so he could hunt. Frank being an avid waterfowler & Marilyn with her sweet disposition, it was an obvious fit for them to take over the business & carry on with great service & smiles just as Max had done for so many years prior.

This is Frank & Marilyn's last season running Sportmen's Catering Service. They bought a house & will be moving to Texas. I know that all who hunt Wister will be sad to see them go. You'd be hard pressed to find a more honest, caring, & hard working couple. We need more people like them in this world.

If they made an impression on you in some way or if you just want to wish them well, I gave them a memory book for you all to write in. It will be kept at the check station so please make sure you sign it or share anything you want to tell them. Tape some photos in it too.

Sorry for not getting it out sooner. If you aren't coming down anymore this season but want to contribute to the book, feel free to email your message to me & I will make sure they get it.
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Additionally, the business is for sale. If anyone is interested or you know someone who might be interested in owning & running it, please contact Frank. You can PM me for his number. They want to see Sportmen's Catering continue as much as I'm sure we all do. They will help in anyway they can including coming out next season to get it up & running if there are new owners. Hopefully this amazing little trailer that holds so many memories for generations, can continue to serve the Wister hunters.

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Damn that's hard to imagine. 42 years for me personally buying from that trailer. Somebody's got to be a willing entrepreneur out there