spine question


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I'm shooting 57lbs, I've been shooting 400 spine... means nothing to me... anyway a friend at the archery shop suggested going with a 350 spine for a stiffer/faster arrow. .. any thoughts or suggestions?


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Spine has nothing to do with faster. Ive shot 350s with a 45 gr insert and 100grn points out of a fairly slow (250fps) 60lb bow. Shot sweet.

If you dont weight the front of the arrow you will be on the stiff side but Id say you could still tune fine. Higher spine in the same shaft means higher gpi thus slower arrow.


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You’re spine is fine. You could shot 350 as well and it be fine (using one of the many softwares to ensure best cut length)

More important is if that arrow and spine selected and cut length shoot well for you and your bow.


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Do the arrows shoot well? If so, stop thinking, start shooting more.

Don't get lost in the geek aspect of archery, just get a setup that shoots well and buy enough arrows to last years and don't second guess it!