South of 8 - The Trump Wall


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Hummm, so how is the Trump Wall Going to affect the wild pheasant? Many illegal wild pheasant fly across the boarder everyday....

Between the Wall and the Solar panels we might as well say the pheasant hunting south of 8 will be gone...

Just food for thought.


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The keyword there is, fly. I have seen Pheasant fly over 80' tall trees. As for solar panels. I am more concerned about urban expansion, though the two may be linked.

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I haven't measured the slats on the wall nor have I measured a pheasant in comparison to the slats but just by eyeballin' it in the pictures I've seen I think they can probably squeeze through those, if not, as you said, they can fly.


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Dont let any of the liberal scum bags claim that the wall is detrimental to wildlife. It is the exact opposite.


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Wall has little affect on the birds......cover, feed & summer temps play the biggest role.


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If the wall meant no pheasant and no border jumpers I'd learn to live with no pheasants.