Something I found on FaceBook

fish dog

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I thought this might be of interest or concern to the assembled here...

...admins delete if this is a problem.


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hatchet1 said:
The horror that is about to ensue..the influx of Gordos offspring ..the horror...the horror..


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That's some funny stuff... auto correct won't let me type the acronym "j"h"o".... has a mind of it's own. I wish you could post pics on this site. Don't know how to reduce them to the size of my pinky... Ed F


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It's not true. Someone with access to Facebook should post the rest of his Facebook message. Essentially, he changed his mind.

fish dog

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Arrowslinger said:
I donated money to help him get it back up. If he's gone, who will we make fun of? Each other? must have been your donation that pushed it over the top because this was posted this morning...(I'll not screen shot it because it was a big hassle to post the one in the OP in this thread, I'll just copy and paste, it says...)... Hunting & Outdoors

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So I guess it was a false alarm.