Smoked Goose Breasts


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So here is how it went...
I started by thawing a pair of wild goose breast (cleaning out the freezer for this coming season) for two days in the fridge. I took the breasts, skin/fat on, and submerged them in a brine over night (brine ingredients below). After soaking for +12 hours I let them dry in the fridge after patting them dry.
While drying I mixed up some spices and ground them in the mortar and pestle to release more flavor (list below). I placed a thorough coat of the spice mix as a dry rub.
When the meat was almost room temp, I started the smoker. I got it up to 200F and added apple wood pellets to my smoke box and placed near the edge of my lump coals. When it started smoking good, TBS, I placed the meat in, skin side up, and just let it sit. I would check the temps about every 20-25 min keeping it between 170F and 180F. After 1.75 hours I placed the meat on the grill where the heat comes in from the smoker attachment and seared the skin for about 2-3 min. I pulled the meat off and placed it in the fridge to cool. I want to use it like roast beef for sandwiches.
I am very pleased with the results. It is a little over done but still extremely palatable. I would probably leave it on for the same amount of time just lower the temp 10-20 degrees. I will be eating good in the office this week!

Brine Mix.
1/2 gallon of water
3/4 cup kosher salt
1 cup sugar
1/2 a lemon worth of zest

Dry Rub.
I did not measure I just mixed to what smelt good.
Raw sugar, sea salt, tomato power, dried garlic flakes, paprika, 1/2 an orange zest, dried onion flakes, and lemon pepper.
Like I said I forgot to measure anything I just dump it into the mortor and pestle and ground it in until it smelled good.

My son said that he wants a sandwich for his school lunch too... That's good enough for me!


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Sounds good. I still have to whole specs in my freezer, was thinking about brining them and hanging them in my barrel smoker to see how they come out. After reading this, I think I will this weekend....