Shot some birds


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I soak them in something. Usually Lawrey’s marinade of some sort. It has to be robust, or its pointless. Lately I’ve been using chipotle and molasses, and it’s really good. Mesquite and lime is good without masking the flavor.
I cut a pepper in half, jalapeños, or yellow chilie peppers are good.
Fill the halves with cream cheese. You can mix herbs or bacon crumbles in the cheese. Or both.
Use thinly sliced bacon, and use a whole strip on each half breast, wrapping it so it helps keep in the cheese.
Cook em up on a grill or a griddle, and enjoy.A6973D48-189B-420A-9191-B187E40868F6.jpeg5FFA2DAA-605A-43D5-9756-01A910306A24.jpegA6973D48-189B-420A-9191-B187E40868F6.jpeg5FFA2DAA-605A-43D5-9756-01A910306A24.jpeg


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Can't think of a better use of time while not working. You just inspired me to pull out some I have in the freezer. Dove poppers can make any anti hunter see the light.

Only thing I do different is mix some other shredded hard cheeses in with the cream cheese. I like Dubliner's Irish cheese & Romano or Parmesan. Anything hard & a little pungent adds to the flavor & it's not as runny as straight cream cheese.

Thanks Berry! Stay well.


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I’ll try that Matt. I’ve been eating a lot of them lately. They are hard to beat, and I have never had anyone only eat one.
I am privileged to have access a very exclusive spot, so I have a steady supply.
It has to be hot shooting to feel compelled to pick up the wads.