Share hunt results are up.


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Struck out again.

There’s a couple of ranches I would really like to hunt that are in the share program. Maybe next year.


Dumped 200 into that program again this year so that apparently someone else!!! Can hunt my tag!! Ugggh!! All 4 hatchets struck out..again!! I hate Ca! Be there in 12 days dropping forkys like cord wood!! Cant wait!!


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To be honest... I'm not sure that I know about this program. Do you apply during the regular application period? A good friend of mine drew a Roosevelt tag. Ed F


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No. You apply separately an the Share hunt pagevat the DFG website.

There’s both Rocky and Tule hunts. $11 per application and there’s both cow and bull hunts. You can apply once to as many hunts as your wallet can handle.

There’s one share hunt that has 5 cow tags and the application fee covers the cost of the tags. The other hunts you have to buy an Elk tag.