Saturday the 28th

Next Saturday night the daughters boyfriend, Henry Corrales fights for Bellator MMA at the Forum. This will be his first fight of "The Grand Prix tournament for a Million Bucks $$$.
There will be 8 fights, not all next Saturday, for the Belt and the Bucks.

Henry has been working really hard. He said, "he was going to go all out for this, so, that win or lose, there would be no regrets." The guy he is fighting, Darrion Caldwell, is no slouch. He used to be the champ at 135 lbs; he is coming up 10 lbs. to fight in this tournament. Hopefully that extra baggage will slow him down a bit !!

The Main Card fights will be on Paramount Channel. Most of the time I can't get fights live, cable provider delays fights by three hours or so. Now I Live Stream from Bellator and put it on the tv.

Please being rooting for Henry to Win !!! Please pray for his safety more importantly !! I know that last request sounds funny. LOl !!! Henry is willingly enter the ring to fight, but to us as a family, nothing is more important than Henrys well being !!

Cant wait, will be watching from Ringside with my Brothers and the Princess. Lol !! At least my brothers and I will be watching Ringside. Daughter will watch fights all night; but not Henrys, at least up close. Before Henrys fights start she will get up and move to the farthest place on the floor till its over. Funny stuff !!


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You got it Kevin! I wish I could find a place to watch it live but my wife & I will be celebrating our Anniversary that night (a couple days early). Hopefully we'll be able to see it as its replayed. She got really into boxing & kick boxing workouts so she likes to watch the fights.