I'm so sorry to hear that Matt. Losing a dog is one the most awful feelings I know.

Lloyd was a legend. Rest in Peace ol' boy.


Thanks fellas...he was 11.7years old...damn good run for a hound..truly appreciate the kind words and memories...he was the kids first dog, so definitely a tuff time here..but on the bright side..MOOSE got to learn how to be a spoiled smug hound from the best!! This pic was taken after moose chewed up all the electrical on my trailer the other day..moose is 1 years old...man we gonna go this route again!!! Lore give me strength!!20190925_181352.jpg
Moose is going to be a lonely boy, just like his (human) daddy. Carson was bereft when we lost Apolo. So was I but the neighbors only complained about Carson's howling and whining.

Moose studied at the knee of a master, I'm sure, but I learned a long time ago that dogs do learn from each other but only bad stuff.


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A legend passes, the new breed will certainly fish the mega corneyed brown trout again!!

Sorry bro, dont let the new bred get on you.

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Sorry man, that sucks ass.
I used to work at a veterinary clinic when I was a kid and I've always remembered this one old couple who came in with their old Lassy dog. He just couldn't stand anymore from dysplasia, couldn't even sit up though he kept trying. The old man was especially distraught to learn they would have to put him down. I told him that his doggy would be in heaven soon. He had a confused look on his face and asked me if I belieived that dogs went to heaven. I have no doubt.