QUESTIONS: Used Ruger Blackhawk .44 Mag


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Hey Guys,

At LGS saw a used Ruger Blackhark, probably 7.5" barrel. Black finish. For only $500

Is that an average ballpark price for a used one of these?

It had wooden grips (that looked a bit worn, but that someone had taken care to refinish) and the back of the trigger guard extends down flat in the back (think they all do, right?)

Rotating the cylinder, the sound of the springs and the gearing was real crisp sounding.

Rear sight was wide but not very tall in height. (Not sure how I feel about that, probably could get used to it with practice).


What is something to look for on these models to make you think you should pass on this deal?

I was concerned about how close the back of that trigger guard seemed in relation to my middle finger knuckle, since it's a .44, but I've read that the Western style of the grip causes it to rotate upward upon firing and that it supposedly seems to help with mitigating the felt recoil. Would that property of the guns design spare my 2nd fingers knuckle from getting hammered by the back of that trigger guard during recoil?

Those of you that have a RBH, do you recommend rubber grips instead?

That and any other tips and notes you could offer about this model would be appreciated, Thanks.


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PS... they also had a freakin' GORGEOUS... Colt Python 10" barrelled... in Chrome. I looked down at the price... had to do a double take! Said $5995 !!!

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Re rubber grips: NO. Those would prevent the gun from rotating in your hand upon recoil. My Blackhawk is a .357 with factory grips and it is reasonably pleasant to shoot. My .44 is a S&W and it beats the hell out of me, even with Pachmayr rubber wrap-around grips. May be just me, but I shoot the Ruger SA revolvers better than my DA revolvers or semi-autos. Unless you have big hands, your middle finger should be OK.


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Thanks for weighing in man.

Watched vid on hickok45's channel. He mentioned that the reason he ended up trading this same gun was because of the same concern I have, it hurting his knuckle. My hands don't look quite as big as his, but I wear size XL in gloves.

TXT'd with older Brother, I remembered he had one before. He all tellin' me I should totally swoop on it.

We'll see, I gotta go back after DROS to pickup the shotgun I bought off a fellow TOF'r, so we'll see how my will power goes.


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I used to shoot the Blackhawk in .44 and I hated it, it was like someone taking a 5 lb sledge to my middle knuckle with every squeeze of the trigger. I dumped it and got a Dan Wesson .44 that you could shoot all day with a smile on your face. My $.02.


If it's the standard "super blackhawk", it should have the squared dragoon type trigger guard. My first .44 was this model, and the trigger guard beat the hell out of my middle finger. I'm use to recoil having two .454s, three 44s, and a .308 encore pistol, but that particular trigger design made the gun miserable for me to shoot. Although some people don't seem to have a problem with it. If your serious about a SA .44mag, the same gun with the bisley grip is a comfortable gun to shoot.


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Phew...OK... thanks you guys! I'm kinda glad I listened to my gut feeling on that one then.

Now I'm kinda salivating over the idea of one of those Magnum Research BFR's maybe in .30-30