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Sweet Alyce... You're on a roll.... dangerous with that weapon. Seal training helped. Congrats. Ed F


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Fowl Play said:
Come on buddy, West or East of Interstate 5? Congrats on the bacon!
Better be careful with this reply... between the cities listed and that lone oak tree in the background, I am right on the verge of finding your spot :smiley-wnk-yellow:

Congrats on the hog! I see a BBQ in your future. Quick question on the cleaning, do you cut the hide in strips and muscle it off or attach it to the hitch on the truck and put it in drive? haha
I'll be honest, I haven't killed many big boars, but my a$$hole buddies have when I shot a dink. I've never seen a pig that couldn't be skinned while hanging with a sharp knife. Back in SW Ga it was common to want an easier method, but a dorsal or ab cut and some time peels all hogs and their plates.