Public land archery hog!

My buddy and I were working a creek bottom on some archery only public land and seeing tons of sign but weren't seeing anything. We were about to head back out when my buddy heard something crossing the creek coming towards us. Out popped this sow and I quickly repositioned to get ahead of her. She came up a trail right at me and I shot her at less than 10 yards! Right through the heart. Died almost instantly. My greatest hunting accomplishment so far! Wild pig, on public land with bow and arrow!



Yep- you earned the ring to sit at the round table. Probably one of the hardest accomplishments for an archer in CA there is. In the <1% club!

sierrahunter1 said:
Nice job! Too bad you got your good shirt bloody.
How can you tell if a shirt is good if you STILL have both sleeves?

Do all theee new high tech fabrics perform as well as cotton when it really matters?

Great job on the pig.