Props to Bruce, Bow N Arrow-Lakeside


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Not sure if Bruce visits here, but I'm sure some of you guys can pass this along.

My buddy's daughter was stationed out in San Diego and wanted to start shooting. He asked me for recommendations after she had gone to some other place(I'm guessing Miramar since they were dicks).

I recommended Bruce and his shop. She had nothing but great things to say and got a great set up. She's shooting like a long time vet. She was very bummed to leave SD and head off to TX for her next assignment.

Well done Bruce, still great service since I first met you 15 years ago.


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Yup, Bruce and the crew are top notch. Made me feel at home since the first time i walked into the shop to get my first bow.


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Yep Bob can be a smart ass and it can turn people off.......I try to spend my money at all three shops so they all stick around


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I'd drive from Santa Barbara tomorrow and drive past every shop on the way to get to buy a bow from Bruce if I was in the market!


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can anyone suggest any good bow stabilizers? I'm just a beginner in shooting, so I need good equipment, I'm not experienced though


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I'm dreaming of finding somebody like Bruce because finding qualitative suitable equipment, especially when you're a newbie, is actually a tough task. I've asked for advice my trainer, however he said that it is my first challenge and I need to be aware of how to choose reliable equipment. The reviews is everything I've got to consider because still I don't have any experience in this field. As I have already realized due to the reviews I've encountered, bow stabilizers are really important in archery, so I need to have a trustworthy one. Looking for your suggestions, guys. Thanks in advance.