Pads for dog crates?

I am looking for decent pads that fit my Petmate crates (the plastic ones you see in the back of 90% of hunting trucks). Need to provide comfort while traveling, be durable and washable.

Anyone have any suggestions?



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I use these. Work great. Easy to clean. Last for years and are just enough to keep the dog warm if its a little nippy.

Thanks guys. GDL, I have been using the carpet/blankets/towel thing but they just get ratty and seems like I am always replacing them. Mrfish, the cushion looks like something I had in mind; zip off washable, durable cover over foam, etc., but its only 1/2" thick. I was thinking something around 2" thick that will hold the weight of a 70 lb dog without being completely flattened. Some of these jeep roads get pretty bouncy. Poor Carson got banged up pretty good a couple times last year.
Thanks, I didn't get that in my searches. I like that they are fitted to specific crate sizes, but I wish they offered a bit more actual product information, materials, thickness etc. I will call them next week.