Pads for dog crates?

I am looking for decent pads that fit my Petmate crates (the plastic ones you see in the back of 90% of hunting trucks). Need to provide comfort while traveling, be durable and washable.

Anyone have any suggestions?



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I use these. Work great. Easy to clean. Last for years and are just enough to keep the dog warm if its a little nippy.

Thanks guys. GDL, I have been using the carpet/blankets/towel thing but they just get ratty and seems like I am always replacing them. Mrfish, the cushion looks like something I had in mind; zip off washable, durable cover over foam, etc., but its only 1/2" thick. I was thinking something around 2" thick that will hold the weight of a 70 lb dog without being completely flattened. Some of these jeep roads get pretty bouncy. Poor Carson got banged up pretty good a couple times last year.
Thanks, I didn't get that in my searches. I like that they are fitted to specific crate sizes, but I wish they offered a bit more actual product information, materials, thickness etc. I will call them next week.


this is the one i have. really like it.

I ordered a couple from Primo Pads. Made to fit, just what I was looking for. Just be very sure of the measurements of your crate where you want the pad to fit. Apparently there is little uniformity in crate sizes even within the same brad/model.
Yes, I received in a couple days. Very pompt and good service. The pads are 1" thick dense foam that will support a good sized dog, encased in what looks like a pretty durable heat sealed vinyl cover with a flange around the edge. I can supplement with blankets or a crate cover for warmth when necessary. They work great, but as I said, you have to measure your crate at the point where the pad will sit. This is slightly off the curved bottom. One of the pads was too long, despite my careful measuring, so they sent a replacement with new measurements in 2 days. I spoke with the owner and he said there is little to no uniformity in crate measurements, even within the same make/model. Wire crates are probably easier to measure, but gie their use there may be softer options. These pads make it a lot easier on the dogs going over rough roads.