Orvis Waders, anyone use them?


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Been a while gents,

Just curious if anyone has used the Orvis SonicSeam bootfoot breathables? I hear good things, but the boots looks like they'd be a lot of work in the mire: Heavy, lots of drag? Any input is appreciated.
I don’t use Orvis, would have to look at the name of the ones I use; but I like the stocking foot type of waders better than the old school built in boots.
Switched many years ago, boots are a little bit of a hassle to put on and take off. Make sure you buy 1 size larger than what you normally wear.
For places like Wister that has life sucking mud they are a dream. No movement of the boot off of heel or foot.
I will look at the ones I have, they have lasted so far about 6 years .


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I appreciate the response. Been trudging in Cabelas boot-in breathables for going on 10 years now. I'm a slow learner which is apparent when I take inventory of how many sets I've gone through... (5-6?). They seemed to be better made 'back in the day', but now I get half a season before the coolness I feel around my crotch isn't me forgetting relieve myself. I'm done with them.

I was about to become "that guy" and purchased a set of Sitkas last year. However, the boot was too big. I returned them and bought another pair this year, only to have their management call me to personally apologize for the screw up, but my size wasn't in stock. (I'm a 10 large/tall, maybe one of the most common sizes there is). They haven't a clue when the size will be back in stock, so to the drawing board I go.


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I use stocking foot neoprenes still so not much help, but if you want to be 'that guy' with some Sitka gear text me. I know a guy. :smiley-ziplip:
Chessie, not sure how you can hunt the neoprene in the early part of the season at Wister
But then again if I hunted with your blind buddy I too would probably be protecting my lower extremities too !!!
I’ve seen how he dresses in the field !!!
LOL !!!!!!!!!