Opening day!!

Opener didn’t disappoint!! Just like every opening day, since I was 9 years old, I couldn’t sleep!! Went to sleep around 9:30 and was wide awake at 12:30 so decided just to get up and get out there! Was glad to see I was the first one at the ramp and just as I was heading out 2 other trucks show up!! I was just glad I’ll get the spot I wanted!! Sent my buddy a text to text me when he’s close to the ramp and I’ll head back to get him. Had the boat loaded with all 6 dozen decoys got to our spot and started setting out decoys. Went back and picked him up and set out the rest while he gathered brush to build the blind!! Got everything in place and relaxed waiting for LST!! Only had to flash off a couple boats trying to come in an hour before shoot time!! Once LST came we hand plenty of birds come in. Ended up 2 shy of a limit, only can hunt until noon on Ray Roberts, but had plenty of chances!! I shot my limit my buddy only shot 4. Gunner didn’t skip a beat it was like he hunted last week!! I only work him twice during the summer but you couldn’t tell!! He just amazes me!! Love that dog! He’ll be six years old in a couple weeks damn time fly’s by!! We’ll be back out again tomorrow!! Stay tuned......



Hunted about 2.5 hours south of hawg382 on the opener. With about 50 lbs of gear on my back, I set off from the parking lot in the dark and fog after deciding on a spot I'd only seen on Google Earth. My goal was to find a creek, follow it to the lake, and hopefully find a spot with decent water to hunt. I ended up walking 1.5 miles through the mud and got to a nice looking cove about 10 minutes before LST. The water was about 2 inches deep with 16 inches of mud below it. After chasing down ducks at Wister the past 30 years, I was up to the challenge. While rushing to throw out a few decoys, I had an airboat come flying through the tules with their high beams on. They proceeded to run over and bounce off stumps until they managed to make it out of my area. I'm not sure what they were looking for, but was glad they didn't find it in my cove. I had decided it would be a good day if I found some water and saw a few ducks. While getting settled into my spot, I was shocked to see a single teal land in my decoys and take off a second later. Right after shooting time, I had a group of teal skirt by through the fog. I was shocked for a second time when they banked and worked right back into my spread. One shot and one drake GW teal down. This scene repeated itself several more times and 20 minutes later I had my first TX limit...6 GW teal. I was tempted to hold off on the last bird to see if bigger ducks would start working, which never happened. My only disappointment was watching a lone drake shoveler land in my decoys 10 minutes after I finished. I only had one other group within the general area I was hunting and there were two other trucks in the parking lot when i got back...both deer hunters. What a relief from the typical opening day "experience" at Wister.

I've been following this forum for some time and I'm a bit ashamed for not posting sooner. I figured I'd turn over a new leaf with our recent move to TX. I grew up hunting with my dad in Southern CA from Wister to SJ and Bonds Corner to east San Diego. Those places are very special to me and hold many memories as do our camping and flyfishing trips up in the Sierras. My wife and I decided to move to central TX with our two young kids a year ago in pursuit of a slower pace of life, more space, and less people. We found it here and are loving every bit of it. I'll continue to follow this forum as it brings back pictures, memories, and emotions when I read about all the familiar places. Thank you to those who are diligent posters and take the time to share with others. And my apologies for the long read...the rest will be shorter.