Obsession FX-7 or Turmoil RZ

I'm new to bow hunting … This will be my 2nd deer season. This past spring was my 2nd turkey season. I arrowed a pig 20 yards at Fort Hunter Liggett in March. The arrow didn't pass through and through. Dammed armor plate, the arrow stopped on the other side and did not penetrate. I did bury 16 inches of arrow in the pig. My bow is a PSE Brute NI (2006 model) at a 70 pound draw 29.5" length, 436 grain Zombie Slayer arrows. 250fps out of bow. Shot placement a little high. I hit the pig top of leg rather than in the arm pit. But at 20 yards I am thinking I should have gone through and through. The IBO on my Brute is 302. the Obsession FX models and Turmoils IBO at 350fps.

Would a 350FPS bow pass through a pig, and are Obsession bows a good bow?

Roux Meraux


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Yes and no depends on what was encountered bone wise, type and sharpness of head, mud on hid, ect. Large pigs are tough.

One Track

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I wouldn't sweat the no pass thru on a boar hog. Maybe if you hit it in the arm pit, it would have passed thru. No worries. Double lung and he piled up within 50 yds, I'd bet. I think you need to shoot what is comfortable in your hands. Don't get all hyped on speed.
Did not recover the pig. He ran off with my arrow and G5 striker magnum stuck in his side. Searched nearly 5 hours. Went back to the truck and my buds were there. Searched another 2 hours. Fortunately, they kicked up a pig while searching and we took home some pork.