Not a bad first time out....


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Took the boat out for the first time this year, fired right up!! Water temp still 50 degrees threw a football jig on a rocky shallow point. Didn’t catch anything real big just some 2-3lbers but they thumped it good!! It will only get better the warmer it gets!

Couple from today
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Best one went 3 1/2 lbs
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Boat still looks good for being 16 years old...
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Tasty good fun ! Clean, pretty bass ! Im itchin to wet a line . Its just going to be crabbin' for me right now : /



John Segoria said:
Crap. I was going to email you Trig. Skinny's I can see. Any crankbait stuff?

Haven't even thrown anything else.....Fishing them slow & slower, stick to stick.


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all awesome fish guys... Here's one from the IV canals on live bait, my buddy is an emoji, lol. It was a slow day as per the guys, only this one was camera worthy.