Need some 20g emptys


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I'm looking for 1000 empties. They don't need to be in great shape for reloading,I'm just using them for rag wieghts. Anyone?
That's just a few good days at the range, Rob. :smikey_tank_flags_gis:

You should've posted a month ago. I finally dumped about 2 trash barrels full of 20 ga hulls because I was sick of thinking I'd reload 'em someday.


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I have some. Not sure it's 1000 rds. Probably closer to 500+ I will double check later this week when I make another go at the disaster area most people refer to as a garage.

Not sure where you are but I'm in San Jacinto. I drive to Vista M-F for work.


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Thanks Scott and JD. Scott if you think of it... next time your at the range can you put the word out and I'll swing by and get them. Thanks JD.... hang on to them and I'm sure we can hook up at a TOF or other event before I need them.