Need A New Game Butcher


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Finding a sausage maker you like is a challenge for sure. I'd recommend someone who produces a domestic version you can try and like.

Between my father and I we have been chipping away at some of our own equipment. Sausage making in these parts is a big group activity and multigenerational. Some of the Portuguese and Italian clubs do a big stuffing party at a central location for making the product for fundraisers. If you can find a few friends to go in with, one guy gets a grinder, one gets a stuffer, one gets a mixer, one guy hosts, one guy buys the seasoning, another buys the pork butts etc.

Experimenting with a pound of pork and a pound of venison at a time helps tweak recipes.


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Zach said:
paulc said:
This is not what you asked for, but, I caught on the part about your sausage not being exceptional. I would suggest buying Legg's seasoning off of amazon. These are my favorites in order. Very easy to make, and you can use the large plate for grinding making it very easy.
Chorizo, Breakfast, Taco, Italian.

If you want to get creative (more work intensive) you can make hot links.

Use about 20% to 25% Pork fat trimmings, or 50% pork butt. You cant go wrong. I am guessing you were not happy with the seasoning or the percentage of fat. Or the mistake many people make of using beef fat.


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I have always had something that I didn't particularly like about meat that I had processed at a butcher . Every time.

Then I had a little mentoring , did some hit and miss on some sausage recipes but I now have some that I like . Most of them I made up myself or tweeked to my / our taste buds.

In the beginning of my self processing , I would have the butcher hang the meat for me for aging . Usually 7 days. I would then bring the carcass home , hang it in the garage . I would send the wife and kids out for the afternoon so they would not get grossed out . Then , I would bone out the buck ( or whatever animal ) , quarter by quarter , in the kitchen . Tightly wrap in plastic wrap , then butcher paper. It looks like it comes from the butcher shop BUT there is more care to each cut and more trimming of gamey tasting stuff. The dog gladly takes the gamey scraps.

I bought the meat grinding attachment for a kitchen aid mixer and made batches of sausage / burger over the next couple months. I later bought a bigger meat grinder .

About 7 years ago I built my own meat hanging room so I don't have to drive my carcass to the butcher and pay him $10 per day for hanging . My hunting buddies love it too : )

I am now rarely dissatisfied with the meat . If I was , I it was my own dern fault .

IMO, give up golf or whatever for a weekend and do it yourself. ..............Youtube is your friend !

In closing ...... Processing meat myself adds another big source of satisfaction for me. I now take from the field to the plate completely by myself. It is very satisfying . This was not an uncommon thing for people to do 100 years ago . Its now a lost art to a large degree . Its only lost because we decide not to do it ourselves. Do it yourself , save $$ and have better tasting grub in your freezer.



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Totally agreed 2Rocky .

BTW . .... if memory serves me right , you lived in the V V / F.F. area ?? I could be wrong . I moved from F.F. about 5 years ago to trinity county , B zone.
I got off of the internet, for several years , just about when you had joined another hunting site .



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I am having a hard time copying and pasting the link to a full narrative about building my meat locker .

Its located at Jesses hunting page , Forums , in the "Home made and home improvements" forum . ( I am NOT endorsing that web site )
The Title of my post is " Has anyone ever built one of these ?" It takes you through the whole build.

In the same "home-made" forum .... check out the "home-made smoker" I built . its kinda cool . At least I think so .

If anyone could copy and paste those links with the pictures that would be cool . My puter wont let me do it for some reason .

If not , I will post a few pics of the locker here if there is anymore interest. ..... If I can dig them up .



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I spent a long time "off line" ...(years ) ...... then when I came back,. all of the people I saw on "that other site " had bailed out .

I am probably glad that I missed out on the drama that apparently happened ?? I don't even want to know. I am back .... hunting and fishing hard . Just trying to be with other folks who do the same thing . The other site ? ............... well.... I wish them the best . Really . The more hunting sites the better . I still drop in there but its not the same. Things change over time. Again , I with them the best .



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BOW, that type of well-adjusted, adult attitude won't be tolerated around here. :smiley-wnk-yellow:


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The "other place"... they're traffic dropped-off majorly at some point because they had some serious technical difficulties goin' on that took 'em out of commission for a surprising number of contiguous days. And then... all previously uploaded photos up to a certain past date just all vanished.... and then... photobucket got too big for their britches and wanted people to have to start paying for hosting pics you could post links to on sites. And also during that technical diffculty period... it looked like they had to restore from backups a number of times too. Whole groups of newly born threads would just straight-up disappear by the next day, POOF-BE-GONE!